Using the Right Voice in Voiceover

Finding the right voice for voiceover is an ongoing process. It varies with project type and client sensibility.

A read that sounds “real and nuanced” to one ear can come across as “flat” to another.

A read that sounds “dynamic” to some, can be “announcer-y” and “contrived” to someone else.

The best way to bridge the gap between the description of the voice a client seeks and the reality of the sound they’re looking for is to always ask for a sample clip.

The client can almost always come up with an advertisement they like from YouTube that can serve as an invaluable guide to giving them exactly what they desire.

This becomes more difficult to accomplish during the auditioning process when a sample isn’t always offered and direct interaction with the potential client may not be possible. In those cases, you have to lean on your instincts, keep auditioning, and hope that some form of feedback along the way can lead you down the road toward landing more of those jobs.

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