The Top 4 Ways to Get Rid of Mouth Noise in 2023

There are few things more annoying than recording what you think was a great track of audio, only to realize that it is littered with snaps, crackles, and pops all over the wav file. What do you do? Well here are some preventative measures along with a few remedies after the fact that should get…

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Luxury Real Estate Voiceover

Luxury Real Estate commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

Just slow down and take it all in. Picture yourself, well, right where the pictures show you to be. I think I had the luxury, no pun intended, of having the visuals shown to me before I voiced this commercial for Madison Taylor. Otherwise, the script might force you to improvise.

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Voiceover from Your Head Instead of your Chest

Wikipedia Preview commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

There are many different ways to manipulate how your voice sounds while still sounding like it comes from you naturally. I’m by no means a master of a thousand voices but when Wikipedia was looking for someone who sounded “youthful” and “millennial”, that’s usually a cue for me to take my voice from a place…

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Same client, slightly different reads

Moog Auto Parts commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

In certain genres, you know there are going to be style and tone expectations from my voice at the outset. MOOG has come to me on several occasions and I have utilized subtly different approaches for them.

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Be Quick but Don’t Hurry in Voiceover!

University of Arizona commercial

Unless you’re the new Micro Machines guy, then have at it… I probably shouldn’t have invoked John Wooden as the title of this post talking about a University of Arizona commercial but that’s the term that comes to mind. Sometimes, people need you to say a lot but not sound like you’re rushing through the…

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Medical Narration is a Rewarding Genre

Primary Headaches The Case for a New Approach

In an alternate life, I would have better applied myself to my organic chemistry coursework and eventually ended up somewhere within the medical profession. The radio and TV newsrooms were far more appealing and so here we are: Narrating for the medical field as someone who sounds like they might be in it themselves. This…

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