CCAC commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

Pleasant surprises in projects almost forgotten!

Occasionally, I forget about the most enjoyable part of this business: viewing the final results of a project that everyone has worked so hard to complete. In the hustle and bustle of auditioning and recording and auditioning some more, sometimes I forget to follow up to see how things ultimately turned out. This was a case of the agency passing along a link to a project that I had almost forgotten about but am so glad they showed me.

It starts with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek drama (no, that’s not how I sound when I’m REALLY trying to scare you) followed by a light-hearted resolution to the problem. The topic is still an important one (debt related to a college education) but I really enjoyed the way I was directed into presenting it in a tone that wasn’t meant to unnecessarily scare the target audience.

30-second commercial for CCAC voiced by Dan Sheldon

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