Find a Medical Narrator or Voice Actor in the Healthcare Field

Are you working on a medical project that requires a professional and authoritative voiceover? I’ve been counted on by many companies, both large and small, for this purpose. Whether it’s an e-learning course, healthcare video, medical documentary, or pharmaceutical commercial, finding the right medical narrator is essential to effectively convey complex information and maintain credibility. A skilled medical narrator can engage the audience, add authenticity to the content, and ensure accurate pronunciation of medical terminology. Growing up with parents who owned a dental practice, I was immersed in the world of medical jargon from an early age. While my path eventually branched off to broadcasting and the performance arts, I never lost my fascination with the healthcare industry. Whenever I sit down to do a medical narration, I consider these factors:

1. Define the Project Scope: Before I begin my read, I clearly define the project’s objectives, target audience, and the tone to convey.

2. Refer to My Demos and Samples: An experienced medical narrator will have demos or samples of their previous work available on their website. You can listen to my samples (even the ones that aren’t specific to the medical genre) to gauge which samples align with the vocal quality, clarity, and suitability for your particular project. You’ll hopefully be able to note my diction, pronunciation, and ability to communicate with authority. If there is a particular sample that comes closest to the sound you’d like me to replicate, just let me know!

3. Pronunciation Skills: Medical narrators must be well-versed in medical terminology and have impeccable pronunciation skills. Ensure the narrator can articulate medical jargon clearly and correctly. You can provide your pronunciation ahead of time or let me handle the heavy lifting. I have a lot of experience in this realm and if I don’t already know how to pronounce it, I have a bevy of reference guides at my disposal.

4. Seek Recommendations and Reviews: I’d be happy to provide you with a list of happy clients who have utilized me and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

5. Communication and Collaboration: Working with a medical narrator involves effective communication and collaboration. When you reach out to me, take note at how quickly I respond. That’s an indication of what you can expect in general. Very rarely does an hour go by during normal business hours without an email being effectively answered. I’d like to think this is normal business practice across the industry but I’ve heard otherwise.

6. How much does it cost to hire a medical narrator: The fees for hiring a medical narrator or medical voice actor can vary depending on project complexity and usage rights. I use the GVAA rate guide as a starting point but am very flexible depending on the budget and scope of each project.

7. Contract and Agreements: I never make my collaborators sign a contract but if you have an NDA or something similar that your company requires, I’d be happy to look it over and sign it. One thing that should already be perfectly clear in this day and age is that my voice may not be used for any AI or voice clone purposes. I retain the rights to my voice. You retain the rights to the specific product we created together.

8. What else do you need to provide me as the voice actor: Just the script, medical references, deadline, and any other specific guidelines you think we help me deliver the performance you are looking for.

9. Do you provide custom demos?: I can absolutely send you a sample recording of your script for you to listen to. Usually between 30 seconds to a minute. This is done at no charge. For longer projects, I can also send you the first couple of minutes for your approval before I go ahead with the rest of the narration.

10. What file format do you provide?:

Virtually whatever file type you need! In my experience, mp3 or wav (48khz/24 bit) are the most common file format that people request from me but I can work with virtually whatever final deliverable you need.

I know hiring a medical narrator for your voiceover project can be a potentially overwhelming situation if it is your first time doing it. I’m here to make it the easiest part of your project workflow and to make you the hero within the company by exceeding deadlines and quality expectations.

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