Vault Health Covid Testing Commercial Dan Sheldon Voiceover

How to Wake Up your Father on the Opposite Coast with Voiceover

During my broadcasting career, my dad used to tune in from wherever I was across the country through his Slingbox. I’ve enjoyed the transition to a full-time voiceover career, but it has made it a lot more difficult for my parents to find my voice on a consistent basis.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to get a text from my father that my voice had startled him from a nap, thanks to this commercial from Vault Health.
Vault Health Commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

The healthcare industry tends to utilize my voice frequently. Perhaps it’s my exposure to medical jargon throughout my childhood and my time spent on the pre-med track in college.

Either way, it’s given me early insights into the cutting edge of the science, medical, and technology sectors that I would never be privy to otherwise.

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