IBM Corporate Narration

Corporate Narration for IBM

Corporate narrations can be a tricky proposition when it comes to jargon within the business world. It’s not just about pronouncing words correctly, it’s making it sound like you use those words in your everyday, casual conversations. Learning about how companies are utilizing “the cloud” is an inevitable part of the voiceover business and one that I tend to enjoy.

This project was done in a directed session with a producer/editor guiding me remotely via teleconference. I really love the instant feedback of a live session and the ability to get things dialed in for a client in real-time. I’ve done a few sessions with IBM. They seem to like how I can give them speedy options that include potentially tongue twisting jargon. This corporate narration is for IBM Open Data for Industries for Cloud Pak for Data.

When I first got into voiceover, I naturally read copy very fast and I had to learn to slow things down. So, when someone asks me to speed back up, I’m more than happy to oblige.

The final take they used below was not one of the sped up versions.

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