Jayco Land Work Stump Grinding Storm Debris Fire Lanes Voiceover by Dan Sheldon

Agriculture Commercials are Fun

I spend a lot of time doing voiceover work related to medical narration, scientific breakthroughs, and academic research, but I also love a good ol’ agriculture commercial as much as the next guy!

Jayco Land Work commercial voiceover by Dan Sheldon

I love it when a client wants me to step out and just have a little fun. I don’t remember who wrote this 15-second spot for Jayco Land Work but it has *two memorable lines in it. That’s a solid batting average!

I could do this kind of stuff all day but the jobs these days usually call for something more middle of the road and conversational. I’m obviously more than happy to oblige, no matter the direction, but I’ve always watched commercials like this on TV and thought, “That would be fun to do!” I’m very lucky that I now can.

*”Mulch, mulch more” and “You’re in the Clear!” But you already knew that.

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