Agriculture Commercials are Fun

Jayco Land Work Stump Grinding Storm Debris Fire Lanes Voiceover by Dan Sheldon

I spend a lot of time doing voiceover work related to medical narration, scientific breakthroughs, and academic research, but I also love a good ol’ agriculture commercial as much as the next guy! I love it when a client wants me to step out and just have a little fun. I don’t remember who wrote…

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A Brush with the NFL

NFL TrueView Explainer Voiceover Dan Sheldon

Timing is everything. In this case, it’s not a good thing. The NFL had been using an Intel technology called TrueView to provide incredible angles of on-field action. Voiceover by Dan Sheldon.

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How to Wake Up your Father on the Opposite Coast with Voiceover

Vault Health Covid Testing Commercial Dan Sheldon Voiceover

During my broadcasting career, my dad used to tune in from wherever I was across the country through his Slingbox. I’ve enjoyed the transition to a full-time voiceover career, but it has made it a lot more difficult for my parents to find my voice on a consistent basis. So, I was pleasantly surprised to…

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Commercial for Cintri

Cintri Video

This is a commercial for Cintri, a content creation company for technology businesses globally. This is a read style that many companies tend to like, a strong whisper.

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Corporate Narration for IBM

IBM Corporate Narration

Corporate narrations can be a tricky proposition when it comes to jargon within the business world. It’s not just about pronouncing words correctly, it’s making it sound like you use those words in your everyday casual conversation.

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The Top 4 Niches in Voiceover

When I first started getting serious about voiceover, I had no idea where I would fit in. I come from a sportscasting background so I figured, at the very least, I’d snatch up those gigs in the voiceover realm. Nope! I don’t always crack the code for what those clients are looking for, which is…

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