The Best Voiceover Microphone in 2020

I think I'm guilty of listening to voiceover start-up gurus a few too many years into my career.

Yes, the most important part of your sound is your space. Get yourself going in the right direction with that first.

But I think I held off on my purchase of the Sennheiser MKH-416 Short Shotgun Microphone a little too long, listening to the drumbeat of the "mic doesn't matter so much."

Hey, I've been using a really trusty CAD E100S for a number of years now, but now that I've upgraded to the MKH 416 along with my somewhat recent purchase of an Audient iD22 Audio Interface, I realize there IS a difference. Especially as someone with a deeper voice.

Don't get me wrong, in a vacuum, my old gear works GREAT for 99% of the jobs out there BUT when you're competing in open auditions against some of the best voice talents out there, the high-priced clients with the trained ears will hear the difference!

At least I do. Maybe I'm trying to convince myself of this as I assess the potential difference in auditions won over the coming weeks and months. Fingers crossed.

Again, the CAD is an awesome microphone at a more attainable price-point for many, including me at the time of purchase. It has paid for itself a million times over! (Ok, not a million times, but it has been significant.)

But, just to my ear, the MKH 416 is worth every penny and I will declare it as the best voiceover microphone of 2020... and 2019, and 2018 and... you get the picture.

Note: If you purchase a product using my affiliate link, I receive a tiny portion of the sale. I am NOT a paid advertiser and would not promote its use if I weren't a happy customer myself.

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